3 oktober 2006 

Nautivela har utförsäljning av 470 enligt följande text från Alberto

Take the occasion to inform you,
we have provided 70 x top racing 470's for the Isaf World Sailing Games 2006 (Austria 10-20 of May 2006)

The boats are now back in our factory, have been refurbished and ready for sale at a very intresting price.
The boats are in perfect conditions and you can ask to the sailors of your country wich attended the event how the boats were, and about the enthusiastich comments of the majority of the sailors.

price for one ex- ISAF boat complete INCLUDING SAILS with:

HARKEN fittings and blocks
Holt jib traveller car system
FSE Spectra ropes
Epoxy rudder and centreboard
rudder head, tiller and tiller extension
measurement form and building fee plate
Mast, Boom, Spi-pole Superspars M7+
Top Cover
Launching trolley
Olimpic sails radial shape

EURO 9.250 + vat

For order to be received by the end of october we will make you the special price of euro 9.000+vat including the padded bottom cover

you will save euro 250 and the price of the cover wich is euro 240 for a total of euro 490 if you order the boat by october!!

please note in the price for used boats is included a set of used top racing sails radial shape.

One year old boats would probably be available for sale at the end of October (after the italian championship) for about euro 8.000+vat

Looking forward to hearing from you
best regards
nautivela s.r.l.